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i'm a mama nursing two


Short version (updated 10/05): I'm 26, married with one 17mo son, and dealing with adventures in breastfeeding while pregnant (#2 due 4/7/05) and my son's severe dairy allergy.

Long(er) version: I was married on 12/30/01 to a wonderful man, Adam, after graduating UCSD with a BS in Biology (which I do not plan on using to make a living, my husband makes boxes and that supports us just fine). We moved to Jacksonville immediately after our small dream wedding, which many family members have not forgiven (the small wedding or the move to Jax) and started planning for a family. After a year and a half of trying and two miscarriages, we finally got pregnant with Aidan. He was born 5/3/04.

I love being a mother even more than I thought possible, although becoming a mother has softened me. I can no longer watch ER without crying and I can't stand hearing about child abuse.

We also a toy poodle named Remy. He is like my first son, although probably feels old and busted now that I have a real human child.

I have terrible grammar and use of punctuation (are those the same thing?) and I hated english and literature in college.

I love to research and once I start I can't stop. I think I have a little OCD in this area. I'll spend hours online and in my old textbooks searching for answers to my latest questions about life.

I'm fascinated with the human body and its physiology. I hate plants and they hate me.

I love to have things CLEAN but not necessarily tidy.