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March 19, 2006



~beautiful~ !!! again, congratulations. i am so very happy for you and your family!


OMG. So beautiful! Congrats!!!


Nana, Aunt Patty and I just saw the pic...She looks like her Auntie Gen! Lucky girl, sooo cute. Beautiful coloring.


She's perfect! Absolutely gorgeous, and no conehead or bruising. Congratulations!

laura gf

Can't even remember how I found your blog, but I love it. I rarely comment but had to today -- Anna is such a beautiful baby! Congratulations on this wonderful addition. I'm looking forward to reading about the transition from one child to two!


Wow! Congratulations! She's absolutely adorable!


PERFECTION. Seriously, I think she has replaced my friend's baby (who's now nearly 10) as the most perfect looking newborn I've ever seen. Including mine. And you know I'm one proud momma, but she is spectacular. Enjoy!

Amy F

Congratulations! She's beautiful.

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