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March 29, 2006



Why do hospitals employ bitch nurses??? I had the same kind of nurse with my son. I hope you let the hospital/your dr. know she was less then supportive.
Thank heavens for supportive husbands!
Thanks for sharing!


What a sweet story!!! Congrats again!!


Awww, great story. I can't believe you took a shower so soon after. I thought I was neurotic brushing my teeth with handsoap (remember?). LOL I'm so glad you're both well. Many hugs!


CONGRATS on your beautiful new addition! LOVE HER NAME TOO!!!!

Thanks for my congrats as well :)


What a wonderful, happy story! Congratulations on your 'fairy tale' :) It's so nice to hear happy stories like this. I wish your family all the best!!


Congratulations on your daughter's birth! Other than that horrid nurse, it sounds like everything went wonderfully. I'm so happy for you!

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