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March 20, 2006



She is beautiful! Lots of ooohs and ahhhs here. Sierra you look beautiful too, you're glowing.


She's beautiful!!!! Congratulations, Sierra!


Delurking to say, she is so sweet! Congrats!
I can't wait to hear the details of the birth... Did you get the belly cast done?


God, she's gorgeous.


my niece is so beautiful!!!!!!!!


You look so happy in that photo of the two of you. In the last one she looks like she's having a dream about throwing plates and yelling "O-pa!"

Norma B

She is a doll!


Sierra, Adam,

Anna Gail Nadine (or is it Nadine Gail) Jeez, I've lost track already looking at her beatiful pictures. She is such a beautiful baby!!!

I was sitting in the terminal at the airport looking at the pictures and reading teh story of her birth. It made me laugh, it made me cry. Sometimes real life is just way better than fiction.

I am happy for you a second time around!!!

I can't wait to come out and see her, Aiden, and of course you guys. ;)

Ok, time to turn off my computer as I am on the plane now... Miss you.


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