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June 26, 2006



She sounds like a true gem! So glad you guys got out. Isn't it wonderful? Such a throwback to the B.C. (before children) era. I love my kids, but I enjoy alone time with the hubs immensely!

One of the store-bought Father's Day cards I gave him (we gave him freakin' 7, it was ridiculous) alluded to that fact. He thought it was pretty funny. tee hee

Susan Malnove

I'm so happy you went out - just the 2 of you -
to enjoy each other's company. HURRAY!! One step toward couples time in the great family balancing act! If ever Amy isn't available, you could see if any of the hospitals have nursing schools. Nursing students can be terrific sitters!
All my love, Susie/Mom XOXOX

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