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June 15, 2006



Oh, sister, I hear you. I could handle the infant screams no problem. Cry all you want, kid, mama's not going anywhere. But this irrational, world-coming-to-an-end, sobbing, screaming, fit stage is freaking killing me. I just keep telling myself that's why they call it the terrible 2's, and that no one says terrible three's, so it can only last 10 more months.

I hope it helps to know that you're angel isn't the only obnoxious little turd around. :-) We will both get through this, and so will they.

PS- Lauryn has a new trick. Mid-fit, she runs to the front door and screams for my mom. Huge tears streaming down her face, beyond the bounds of human rage, throwing herself on the floor, "Gramama!!!! Gramama!!!!" Oh yeah, we've got fun.

Amy F

Sierra, can you move up to Minnesota and be my next door neighbor? Then we can let the two year olds run screaming with hoses in the backyard while our 3 month olds freak us out by their disturbingly early mobility and we can drink lemonade and realize that we can't be crazy because another family is exactly the same.

Your blog gives me so much comfort. Thank you.


Because you're tired, that's why. That's why it gets to me, anyway. How I react to my kids and life at large is directly correlated to how tired I am at the moment. Hang in there, my love. I'm sending you good, positive, calm thoughts.


As Nino said, you're tired. Even if you're getting plenty of sleep, you still have a young one, just went through pregnancy and are still adjusting to life with 2. It's hard. It will get better.

It's also the case that different children push different buttons. My first baby (now 4) can drive me to a fit of rage in .3 seconds. If I'm tired I can very easily over react. If I've gotten enough sleep I can deal and suck it up. My second baby (2) doesn't ever make me mad. I don't know if she just hasn't gotten old enough to make me mad or if we just have a different relationship. I'm guessing it's the latter.

In any case, I'm betting it will get easier.

Kids go through good and bad phases too. Perhaps he's just in one of those stages.

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