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June 29, 2006



So cute! I LOVE the pouch! I need to dig my sewing machine out and learn to use it. Any pointers?

Grandpa Joe

He looks so caring in looking after her. Good practice for looking after that little sister. Soon he won't let you get him in that so enjoy.


If I ever manage to make another baby, I might just have to beg you to sell me that Thomas the Tank Engine sling. Love. It.


Thanks...that was a good thing to look at today after working all day! He is so freaking adorable, and I totally dig the pink shoes. And as a fellow child dresser--upper, I totally appreciate that it matches his jacket...nice accessorizing!!


OMG that sling is precious. I made Elle one of our a red gingham napkin (from her Madeline tea set) when Anna was brand new. LOL

Aidan is so adorable. He wears it all very well, no wonder people are smiling. :)

Amy F

Oh cute cute cute! Peter refuses to have anything to do with dolls other than very occasionally letting them ride in his plastic grocery cart.

I'm glad he's being a sweetie and you've got some 2-parents-at-home time :)


Wow... this is first time i visit ur blog... and... i liked it! Aidan & Anna... hmm... both so cute... dun worry about Aidan, for me he is a caring brother but naughty (it is normal). Let's he do what he want ( but still in control )... like he pooped everywhere, that is ok bcos he is learned something now! And, dun write the f word anymore... it is so rude for East culture. I know u r Western but dun make f word be one of ur fav word.

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