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July 11, 2006



Girl, WHAT IS UP WITH YOUR BOOBS? I feel for you. I have been through it all now; a plugged duct, yeast... just not all at one time. You are awesome that you just go through it like nothing. I freaked at first when I got the plugged duct. I was sure all the lumps were a sign of breast cancer or something. Paranoid much?

You rock.

Oh, and I LOVE the pic of Aidan holding the pink lovey. Hayden has ditched all blue lovey's and only has the pink ones he stole from Finley.

Have a great day!


Oh loving family! Hmm... what i scare u will divorce. Hmm... it is always happen at West. If it is happen to u, i think Aidan will be 'someone different'. Hmm... so, dont distroy Aidan & Anna life k. I hope u and Adam will happy & be forever. K!

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