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August 04, 2006



Awww.... I LOOOOOVE having a playroom. It makes me able to have a cleaner/neater(?) rest of the house. The playroom looks like hell, but least the rest of my house has some bit of order. I like it that way.
Ohhhh... and I have to tell you what Justin said when I told him about the 'van gogh' room. He is to funny.
And let me tell you that I am so jealous about the sewing you've been able to get done!!!! I tried that one day and had a blast, but then haven't had time since. And when I go to the store, I can't find the fabric I want so I get pissed and leave. Maybe next week...

Have a great weekend!!!


Way to turn it around, friend! I agree the energy was yuck there for a while. Must be an end-of-summer type thing. Share pics of the playroom when you can. I totally get how that would change/lift the mood. I love having a playroom. And the kids love it too! You made a wise decision.

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